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Not sure if your house needs a makeover?

Fret not. We do offer advice on whether you should do a home makeover. We are also well-versed in various types of makeover strategies. Sometimes, this would just entail a simple repainting of the unit to a shade that looks more stylish. Other times, this may include home-staging. This is especially pertinent to units that have become rather run-down, and may hence look unappealing to potential buyers. ​

Home-staging, you say?

Understood as a foreign term, home-staging simply means to stage your home with nicer furniture, as well as to create a warm and cozy ambiance. ​
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But, what about my own furniture?

The company we engage can help store your existing furniture in their warehouse, until we sell the unit. Then, they will move your original furniture back to the unit.​

Do we stage the whole house?

It’s not necessary to stage the whole house. In fact, we typically only stage the living room and master bedroom. In addition, we don’t generally encourage home staging unless it is really a need. Nonetheless, we will guide you throughout the whole process so you need not feel overwhelmed or confused. ​
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