How to find the right Punggol Resale Property Agent?

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The process of purchasing and selling a home can be both thrilling and intimidating. An excellent real estate agent will help you through the intricate process of selling your property. With thousands of agents to choose from, we’ve compiled a few simple recommendations to assist you in picking the right Punggol Resale Property Agent for your needs.

Read the following article to understand how to choose a reputable property agent in Singapore.

What is a Resale Property Agent?

Generally, the term “resale property” is referred to by agents who sell new or off-plan properties. A resale property was a property that was previously owned and now offered for sale once more.

If you’ve found your way to this page, we’ll assume you’re searching for a Singapore real estate agent. Although this may be the case, how can you choose the best Punggol Resale Property Agent for your requirements?

Yet, once you begin searching for a Resale Property Agent in Singapore, you may become overwhelmed by all the options. According to the CEA website, there are 30,399 Property Agents as of Jan 2021. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of important considerations to help you choose a great real estate agent.

Where to Find a Punggol Resale Property Agent?

While referrals from friends and family are the most typical way to locate a real estate professional, there are more credible and better ways to contact agents who can assist you with your own needs.

Conduct a fast check on the CEA website (Council for Estate Agencies) or via the CEA@SG Mobile Application to ensure the agent is registered and has not been suspended for disciplinary reasons.

Agents must be members of the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). It is critical because individuals have posed as property brokers while not registered with the CEA.

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Additionally, you can learn whether the real estate agent has received any awards and whether they concluded any HDB resale transactions in the recent 24 months. All this information would be a critical first step in vetting a reputable real estate agent.

Tips to Find the Right Punggol Resale Property Agent in Singapore

Once you’ve gathered the names of many agents, you’ll need to reduce the field by considering specific characteristics. Consider the following critical factors when hiring a Punggol Resale Property Agent.


A Resale Property Agent who understands the ins and outs of each transaction is someone who can assist you through the entire process.

Additionally, a well-trained and experienced specialist will sort through the mound of documentation and provide legal advice.

Local Knowledge

A local property agent can best tell you the price based on current market trends, such as whether or not prices in your area have risen or fallen recently.

Additionally, a Punggol Resale Property Agent may assist you in determining which areas and communities may be the best for you to invest. Based on your priorities, such as proximity to solid schools, stores, or entertainment activities.


A full-time Punggol Resale Property Agent will have more time, resources, and experience than a part-time agent with a day job. When selecting an agent, determine whether they are willing to devote enough time to your demands, preparing a home for sale and showing on your schedule, or touring many homes each week.

You may have a completely renovated home for sale in a desirable neighbourhood at a reasonable price, but no one will know your property exists if you do not advertise it.

Contracts and Commitment

When you engage a listing agent, you’ll be required to sign a 90-day listing agreement. Commissions vary subjected to agreement, you can negotiate the agent’s commission with your Resale Property Agent. If you’re listing with a Punggol Resale Property Agent, you can negotiate the agent’s commission.

There are many factors to consider while looking for the most acceptable resale property agent in Singapore. As this post has shown, finding a reliable Singapore real estate agent does not have to be difficult. For the greatest results, it is necessary to arm yourself with information.

Punggol Resale Property Agent

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