A large selection of Punggol resale property

A large selection of Punggol resale property

Singapore is well-known for its shortage of land and inadequate housing lots. However, you may be surprised to discover that the residential property market provides a sufficient number of choices. Singapore has a wide variety of property kinds, from sought-after freehold homes to mass-market executive flats.

Aiming to educate readers on Punggol resale property dwelling choices and ownership possibilities, Now Homes has written this article to provide useful information. To understand more about these features, keep reading!

What is a resale property?

Most people think of real estate brokers who sell new or off-the-the-plan houses when they hear the term “resale property”. Or in simpler terms, a previously owned property that is now again on the market.

There are various benefits to purchasing a resale home. The property is complete, which eliminates the potential of having problems throughout the acquisition process. Additionally, the property will almost always have a history, allowing you to examine how the property fared before during tenant occupancy.

Punggol Resale Property – Singapore Residential Property Types

In this part, we’ll look at the many types of housing available in Singapore’s public and private sectors, as well as the benefits associated with each.

Public Housing (HDB)

These 99-year leasehold apartments, managed and built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). These 99-year leasehold apartments are a popular choice since they suit the expanding needs of many residents – an affordable yet high-quality home they can own.

One of the primary benefits of living in an HDB estate of Punggol resale property is the proximity to a self-contained community equipped with essential amenities such as coffee shops, supermarkets, food centers, schools, clinics, retail malls, playgrounds, and parks.

It’s also convenient to get around, as these developments are well-served by several public transit options, including the MRT, buses, and taxis. When combined with many incentives and priority schemes available upon purchase, HDB apartments are affordable to Singaporeans.

Public-Private Hybrids (Executive Condominiums)

The term ‘hybrid Punggol resale property’ refers to a combination of public and private land in Punggol. Individuals who can afford more than HDB apartments but are not yet ready to enter the private property market in Singapore might opt for hybrid houses. These unique real estate assets mix features of public and private housing.

Executive condominiums begin as public housing units and transition to private housing after five years of ownership. Tailored to young professionals who can afford more than an HDB flat but find personal property out of reach, the executive condominium shares most of the design and amenities of a private condominium while maintaining the low cost associated with HDB issues.

Thus, why would anyone opt for a private condominium when the HDB’s executive condominiums offer a similar deal at a lower price? Apart from rank factors, there are other notable distinctions.

Private Housing

Decades of strong economic development, a limited supply of land, and a steady inflow of wealthy foreigners in Singapore have resulted in decades of appreciation for private residential property.

As a result, Singapore has become a real estate investment center, a dynamic that leads to property appreciation. Aside from the economic jargon, the basic fact is that private residential property prices have been increasing. And, as a result, Singapore today has a vibrant and diverse private housing market.

Condominiums Punggol with the best amenities: a swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center, children’s playground, and BBQ areas. The majority of these developments are freehold, although some are 99-year or 999-year leasehold. The first step toward a successful Punggol resale property sale is selecting the correct real estate agent.

The real estate market is accelerating at the moment. You can never predict when the market will turn against you. Choose an agent with the appropriate credentials, extensive expertise, a strong communicator who can help you sell or buy a property.

NOW HOMES does more than only sell Punggol resale property to our customers; we also create trust and a long-term relationship with them, allowing us to become a trusted advisor. NOW HOMES is always willing to discuss how to sell Punggol resale property in Singapore with you.

Different Types of Home Ownership

It is still vital to understand what type of ownership you are getting into because it influences your rights, obligations, and remedies.

Sole Ownership

Sole ownership refers to a property owned by one individual. Married individuals may select sole ownership if their spouse is willing to sign a document waiving all rights to the property.

Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy occurs when two or more individuals own the property in equal, undivided shares. Each joint tenant has the same rights as a single owner and is entitled to a joint tenancy.

A person who intends to bequeath their share of the property or have their share allocated under the Intestate Succession Act and does not wish for their claim to pass to the other joint tenant(s) should consider terminating the joint tenancy.


Locals and visitors alike see Singaporean real estate as a sound investment. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some information on the types of housing in Singapore and the various types of homeownership. Considering you’re here, we’re going to assume you’re trying to find a good property agent in Singapore.

But where do you begin your search for the best Punggol Resale Property Agent to meet your requirements?

Yuna Lim – A property agent in Punggol Sengkang

Yuna Lim is the best Punggol Resale Property Agent in Singapore. Throughout her career, she has assisted many clients in growing their wealth by picking good real estate assets and managing their portfolios.

Yuna Lim possesses in-depth market knowledge and the highest level of professionalism necessary to give dedicated service. She is more than capable to assist you in looking for an investment property or a Punggol resale property.

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