How to find the top Punggol Property Agent? (Updated: Jun 2023)

Punggol Property Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling a house in Punggol, selecting a trustworthy real estate agent may be the most critical decision you make. After all, they will be assisting you in managing a transaction valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. NOW HOMES can help you find the top Punggol Property Agent by guiding you through this article.

What is a resale property?

Resale refers to the act of selling a property by the person to whom a resale property assigned the same property. When a previously purchased resale property is now being offered for sale by the initial purchaser, the property is said to be a resale property. Property resold by the original assignee or the beneficiary who acquired the property from another party. Here’s our track record for selling homes Nowhomes Track Record

Nonetheless, buying a resale property comes with a plethora of legal, technical, and administrative implications and obligations. Factors like depreciation, the age of the property, and the final cost of the asset must be taken into account.

How to find the top Punggol Property Agent

The following are the top recommendations for locating the best real estate agents in Singapore and narrowing down to the appropriate one for you so you can purchase or sell a house on your schedule and for the most excellent price.

While recommendations from friends and family are the most common method of locating a real estate professional, there are other more reputable and effective methods of contacting agents who may assist you with your specific needs.

To assess an agent’s specialty and capability, you can Google “CEA register”, enter the agent’s contact number in the search bar, and click on the “eye” button to view their data. This will provide access to the agent’s HDB Resale records from the past 24 months.

By examining these records, you can discern the agent’s areas of expertise and also verify their claim of being an active participant in the real estate market.

Conduct a quick check on the CEA website (Council for Estate Agencies) or the CEA@SG Mobile Application to ensure that the agent is registered and not suspended for disciplinary reasons. It is crucial because individuals have pretended to be property brokers while not being CEA-registered.

Use trusted resources

To be sure, there are numerous methods for locating a real estate agent. However, to find a nice one near you, you must look in the following locations:

  • Utilize a reputable referral scheme that screens for the best agents, such as CEA (Council for Estate Agencies)
  • Conduct comprehensive web research to find the top agents in your area.
  • Inquire of others who have had a positive experience purchasing about their employed agent.

When purchasing or selling a home, you want a real estate agent in Singapore who will negotiate the best possible deal for you and treat you as their most important customer. That is what you receive when you work with the top Punggol Property Agent. And Here is what the customer have said after working with the top Punggol Property Agent

Smashed the record for the first-ever million-dollar HDB flat sale in Punggol, setting a new precedent for the area!

Featured in : The Business Times & Straits Times

Feature in the Straits Times

Feature in the Business Times

Feature in the Straits Times

Feature in the Business Times

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Learn about their customer service

When it comes to evaluating the customer service of a real estate agent, there are several factors to consider. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Responsiveness: A good real estate agent should be prompt in responding to your inquiries, whether through phone calls, text messages, or emails. Waiting two to three days for a response may indicate a lack of commitment to customer service.

Consistency: The agent who initially presented their services to you should ideally be the same person who handles the entire process, including conducting viewings. If another team member conducts the viewing on their behalf, it may lead to miscommunication or a lack of personal attention.

Availability: Throughout the buying or selling process, the agent should be accessible and available to address any concerns or questions you may have. They should proactively provide updates on the progress and be willing to arrange viewing appointments according to your schedule.

Personal involvement: It’s essential for the agent to be present during the viewing, allowing them to showcase the property’s features, answer questions, and provide valuable insights. If they delegate the viewing entirely to the buyer or the owner, it may indicate a lack of dedication or professionalism.

Honesty and transparency: Look for an agent who is candid and honest in their communication. They should provide you with accurate information about the market value of your home, rather than inflating it for their own benefit. Open and transparent communication is crucial to build trust and ensure a smooth process.

When evaluating a real estate agent’s customer service, it’s advisable to ask the following questions:

  • How quickly do you typically respond to client inquiries?
  • Will you personally handle all aspects of the buying/selling process, including viewings?
  • Are you available for communication during evenings and weekends?
  • Do you attend viewings in person, or do you delegate them to others?
  • How do you ensure transparency and honesty in your dealings?

By considering these factors and asking the right questions, you can find a real estate agent who prioritizes excellent customer service and aligns with your expectations.

Properties sold by Yuna Lim recently at Record Price and with High Cash Over Valuation

recently sold properties

Who is The Top Punggol Property Agent in Singapore?

The house buying and selling process may be both exciting and terrifying. A knowledgeable real estate agent will guide you through the complex process of selling your home. With thousands of agents to choose from, we’ve put together a few straightforward guidelines to aid you in selecting the best Punggol Resale Property Agent for your needs.

Working with a skilled and experienced real estate agent can greatly expedite the home selling process. They possess the expertise to offer precise information, continually monitor the market, facilitate swift property sales, and provide guidance on making your listing stand out among competing options. Moreover, they can assist you in attaining the highest possible sales price and negotiating the lowest entry price for your purchase. When engaging with an agent, it is crucial to confirm details such as the desired region, price range, preferred location, and current housing status. These factors ensure that the agent comprehends your requirements and can effectively cater to your needs throughout the entire process.

Yuna Lim and NOW HOMES – Top Punggol Property Agent

With unwavering commitment and relentless drive, Yuna Lim has established herself as a high-performing realtor, consistently closing more than 10 sales every month. Her personal best stands at an astonishing 23 sales in a single month, with each transaction meticulously handled by her alone.

Yuna’s exceptional performance has earned her the top spot as the champion producer in SEA for an uninterrupted decade since 2013. Her outstanding achievement includes clinching the prestigious Super Star award four years in a row, from 2019 to 2022, marking over a million dollars in sales commissions each year.

As an agent who truly takes pride in her work, Yuna personally oversees each of her cases, ensuring her clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. Trust in Yuna Lim, your dedicated partner in real estate success.

Yuna Lim from NOW HOMES is dedicated to presenting you with the finest opportunities in the real estate market. With our expertise, we will offer you the most favorable financial calculations for your selling and buying needs. We provide comprehensive guidance on how to optimize the price for your current property, along with recommendations on the best course of action. On the purchasing side, we assess the area and projects to determine their potential for capital gain appreciation. Additionally, we work with you to create a well-planned timeline for selling and buying, ensuring a seamless transition without the need to rent another place. Trust us to guide you smoothly towards your new unit and make the most of your real estate endeavours.

Yuna Lim is a qualified and accredited property agent in Singapore, she has been aiding clients with the sales and rental of HDB flats, apartments, condominiums, and landed property since 2005.

On top of that Yuna has numerous of achievement in real estate industry, here’s the list of her achievement

Being Skeptical?

The 5-room loft at Block 268C Punggol Field spoke volumes about its results. Yuna Lim’s overhaul of the original unit earned the vendors a Cash Over Valuation (COV) of nearly 200k, which was a significant increase compared to the previous agent’s offer of only 80k COV.

Latest Achievement

Now Homes is committed to offering superior customer service and assisting customers’ user journeys by giving up-to-date market knowledge and personalized professional guidance.

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