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It might be challenging to locate a top Sengkang Agent who will best fit your requirements with so many to select. Most of us will most likely ask our friends and family for recommendations.

Because that property agent-assisted someone you know does not imply that he is the perfect property agent for you. For current Singaporeans and soon-to-be, if you’re looking to move here, to learn how to find a top Sengkang agent in Singapore.

Given Singapore’s rising population and economy, the residential and real estate business is competitive and a complicated one. With its ever-changing regulations and standards, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the demands, whether you’re only attempting to buy a 3-bedroom apartment in the city’s core or sell your residential property on Singapore’s northern outskirts.

That is why well versed, skilled and experience property brokers are in high demand–they can help you navigate your housing-related difficulties with their technical knowledge, assist you in arranging and processing all essential papers, and present you with practical solutions that will benefit you in the long run.

How To Find The Best Property Agent in Singapore

A property agent is not strictly required for a property transaction in Singapore. Engaging a good property agent, on the other hand, could help smooth your property transaction procedure by saving you time on studying all of the facts. A well verse and skilled, real estate agent would have the required knowledge and competence in that industry that you most likely do not.

If you are a buyer, your real estate agent should be familiar with property financing and advise you on current home loan rates and their expected fluctuations. In addition, the agent should ensure that you have the ability and financial commitment to purchase the home.The agent ought to steer you towards the appropriate purchasing price, advising on whether the investment is worthwhile.

If you are a seller, a skilled real estate agent should be able to advise you on the best time to place your property on the market, as well as its market potential. The agent should be equipped to guide you in obtaining the highest possible price for your unit, distinguishing it from others, and promoting it with the highest level of exposure.

With the number of property agents in Singapore expanding in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to find the best property agent to match their demands.

The information in this article will assist you in your search and make your property buying or selling experience a breeze.

Agent registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) and Agent Transaction Record.

You can evaluate an agent’s proficiency and specialization by utilizing the “CEA register” tool on Google. By typing the agent’s contact number into the search bar and clicking on the “eye” button, you’ll be able to access their data. This information includes the agent’s HDB Resale records for the preceding 24 months.

A careful review of these records will allow you to ascertain the agent’s specializations and verify their active involvement in the real estate market.

Also, it’s essential to verify the agent’s registration status and disciplinary record. This can be done via a swift verification check on the CEA website (Council for Estate Agencies) or the CEA@SG Mobile Application. The importance of this check is underscored by instances where unregistered individuals have falsely claimed to be property brokers.

Smashed the record for the first-ever million-dollar HDB flat sale in Punggol, setting a new precedent for the area!

Featured in : The Business Times & Straits Times

Feature in the Straits Times

Feature in the Business Times

Feature in the Straits Times

Feature in the Business Times

Research their portfolio

Request suggestions from those around you. Your friends and family may have had positive experiences with real estate agents in the past. That being said, you should not take their advice at face value. After confirming the property agent, you should conduct your background investigation to learn more.

Examining a property agent’s previous transactions can help you limit down and select an agent with a specialty, someone who is more experienced with your dwelling type, area, or preferred property price range.

You can do this by reading testimonials from previous clients or browsing agent review portals. Keep in mind that some of these web evaluations may be prejudiced or arbitrarily chosen. The CEA’s Public Register provides the property agent with a more reliable track record.

Create Real Value In Every Transaction

Properties sold by Yuna Lim Recently

Observe during the job

Examine the agent’s sales materials; he should provide detailed explanations of the listings rather than thoughtless, unfounded promotion.

Pay close attention to how they engage with the property during their visit. Skilled real estate professionals will exceed expectations, providing guidance on how to enhance your unit’s appeal and create a welcoming ambiance. They aim to leave a lasting positive impression on potential buyers. If required, these dedicated agents will go the extra mile by arranging for home staging, repainting the house, or even hiring a cleaner to ensure the property is in its best condition.

Tips to select the Best Property Agent in Singapore


Finding the right agent to sell your home to is essential but finding the top Sengkang agent can be difficult.

Finding an active top Sengkang agent who builds the best property portfolio possible, benefiting all clients. While you may think that having more homes on the market makes it harder for you to sell, there are benefits to having an agent who represents so many homes in your area that you can benefit.

Consider the Client’s Best Interests

A top Sengkang agent’s connection with a client should be one of cooperation. Demonstrating to your clients that you are looking out for their best interests is critical for developing trust and loyalty. If the customer believes their agent is always available and willing to assist, they are more likely to stay on board.

One of the top concerns is a client’s trust-based relationship with a real estate agent in Singapore. Customer-centricity is a company practice that provides a great customer experience before and after the transaction to drive customers, loyal customers, and profits.

Please refer to their CEA Registry for their track records.

A Good Marketing Strategy

One area where your top Sengkang agent should excel is marketing. Your representative should be photographing the property well. A video tour can enhance the attractiveness of your house even more. Having your property professionally photographed is definitely one of the most essential aspects of selling your home in this day and age.

All you have to do is go to social networks to see all these enticing adverts that lure you into clicking in and watching them. That should be the outcome of effective online marketing. Your home will be found on the internet by potential purchasers. You will lose a considerable amount of traffic if your home’s photographs are poor.

All online possibilities will take time for an agent to master, but they will boost their business and assist their clients in selling their houses.

Home Tour By Now Homes

Property Specialization

An agent can provide you with the best advice on a sale price based on recent trends, such as if prices in your area have been heading higher or downward in recent months.

Additionally, an exceptional real estate professional can guide you in identifying the most suitable locations and neighborhoods for investment, tailored to your preferences. Factors like nearby high-quality schools, convenience stores, recreational facilities, amenities, and the upcoming developments or initiatives in the area will be taken into consideration to align with your investment goals.

Ideally, you should look for a professional who specializes in handling listings in Sengkang and possesses substantial experience in buying, selling, and renting properties.

Homebuyers and sellers should look at the top agent’s style of house listing, as well as the specific neighborhood in which they work. To get a sense of what they specialize in, look at their current listings or previous clients.

Clients Testimonials

“Thank you for selling our house at a great price and most importantly, securing our dream home for us!”

Quincy Liew

“She is definitely one of the most dedicated agents we’ve seen and we were lucky to have found her.”

Alvin Zhou

“She was very active in getting viewers to our house and within 3 weeks our unit was sold. We are very happy with her services and value-added advice.”

Wini & Azhar

Hear What The Clients Say

Karl & MingXiu

Atiqah & Fazil

William & Carol

James & Ally

Yuna Lim from NOW HOMES is A Top Sengkang Agent in Singapore

If you enter the real estate market without having a thorough understanding of it, you might quickly become lost and cause issues if you attempt to do so recklessly.

For this reason, the following real estate agents, all of whom are based and specialize in Sengkang, are more than willing to have a quick talk with you over a cup of coffee.

Yuna Lim stands out as the foremost well verse and pro-active agent on Sengkang real estate. She has consistently set new benchmark prices in the area, aiding numerous clients in selling their units at unprecedented rates. Furthermore, she has effectively guided clients towards making valuable purchases for their subsequent homes, equipping them with all the necessary information to confirm the worthiness of the acquisition. With her exceptional focus, diligence, and aptitude, Yuna is perfectly equipped to assist you in locating your ideal home.

Contact the top Sengkang agent via email at or by phone at +65 9091 9441.

Latest Achievement

With unwavering commitment and relentless drive, Yuna Lim has established herself as a high-performing realtor, consistently closing more than 10 sales every month. Her personal best stands at an astonishing 23 sales in a single month, with each transaction meticulously handled by her alone.

Yuna’s exceptional performance has earned her the top spot as the champion producer in SEA for an uninterrupted decade since 2013. Her outstanding achievement includes clinching the prestigious Super Star award four years in a row, from 2019 to 2022, marking over a million dollars in sales commissions each year.

As an agent who truly takes pride in her work, Yuna personally oversees each of her cases, ensuring her clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. Trust in Yuna Lim, your dedicated partner in real estate success.


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